Huge thank you to our list of sponsors who have supported us as we continue to grow! American Muscle Cup Racing Series chooses the finest of companies to involve in our racing program. If you see a company logo on our competitor's cars or our website, rest assured that it is a company that we ourselves back the product of!

CorteX Racing

CorteX Racing began with a pursuit of products that were wanted on their own cars. When no one in this industry offered what they were after, they went out and engineered it themselves. Their passion is to provide best-in-class, optimized, professional caliber motorsports parts to the enthusiast and professional.

R1 Concepts

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. R1 Concepts is the leading manufacturer and retailer of award winning automotive braking systems. With over 10 years of automotive brake knowledge, R1 Concepts has developed one of the most comprehensive brake catalog in the industry for all foreign and domestic vehicle applications from 1930-present. #stoppingtheworld

Apex Race Parts

APEX Race Parts designs and manufactures high performance, FlowFormed wheels and wheel accessories for BMW, Mustang, Porsche and BRZ/FRS chassis. They are constantly expanding product line with new wheel designs, wheel accessories and other performance and race parts.

Speed Limit Racing

The mission and purpose of Speed Limit Racing is to provide a structured environment in which to promote the education and improvement of driving skills in a safe and controlled environment.