Our Mission

Mission Statement

"To provide a safe and fun racing environment for drivers of all skill levels, backgrounds, and american brand loyalties."

When Brett Madsen took over American Muscle Cup Racing Series in 2017, his idea was to create a series that had 3 principles in mind: Safety, Fun, and Family. Safety of course is our number one concern when you come out to our events. We have implemented numerous rules and regulations to ensure that you as a driver feel more comfortable racing on track with us. This comfortability leads to the fun! We enjoy seeing you come off course with a gigantic smile on your face because you ran a new personal best! We are a community oriented racing series that reaches out to our drivers to see what we can do to make your experience better, your experience more fun! Last but not least, the family vibe you'll get from our events is unlike any other series you'll run in. Whether you drve a mustang, camaro, challenger, etc. it doesn't matter, there is no discrimination amongst drivers or staff. We are competitive drivers who love to help others perform better because in turn this makes us have to perform better as well! Best part is if you feel like you've plateau'd, we have Certified Instructors available that can hop in with you and take your driving to a new level! Never hesitate to ask for an instructor, we want to see you succeed!